My love of horses as a child and my love of alpacas and their fleece now as an adult has been the inspiration behind creating FeltedFillies in the Fall of 2013.  This 1960’s photo shows me on my Paint named Thunder.  My sister is on her Quarter horse Blaze, and my brother on his Buckskin Flicka.  My horse was my friend, my playmate, my confidant and my world.


Every filly is handmade and hand felted by me using my own alpaca fleece from my herd to which I add a bit of sheep’s wool for durability. Many hours go into first tumbling the raw fleece in our Jiffy Fiber Tumbler to remove dust and debris then the washing/drying/picking/carding/ felting/sewing begins! Each filly takes on her special look as the process comes together. It’s hard not to get attached to them!

filliesfullThe mane is synthetic hair that can be gently brushed or braided. The sturdy oak wood dowel for the pole is USA made. The poly-fill stuffing is also USA made.

Everything can be spot cleaned with a bit of soap and water.

With safety in mind, I do not use reins of any type. Instead, I have a small hand strap on the back of the neck that the child can hold on to. I also do not use buttons for the eyes and instead needlefelt eyes directly on the felt.

How can I order one and how much are they?

Presently the fillies are a custom ordered item only. Phone or email me and we can discuss just the right filly for you. Price is $55. A deposit is required at time of ordering. Your order can be picked up here at the farm or shipped for an extra fee. At time of ordering I will also give you a good idea when they will be completed, generally within 2 to 3 weeks.

What size are they?

They stand approximately 44” tall from bottom of pole to top of ear. Width of forehead is about 5”. Length from muzzle to ear is about 10”. Length from ear to base of neck is about 10”.

Besides at the farm, can we see any FeltedFillies at upcoming craft shows locally?

Yes, we will have FeltedFillies on display at several local craft shows. Contact us for dates and locations. You will be able to view display models and place your custom order.